St. Louis, Missouri

ABA Therapy in St. Louis, MO

Thrive Autism solutions opened in St. Louis, MO in January 2016 to serve children with autism locally and surrounding areas. Our mission is to provide families with children with autism high quality ABA therapy in St. Louis.

All of our treatment spaces are truly unique, just like the families we serve each day. We have a large space that has custom spaces to fit the needs of our families. For example, we have a "haircut/doctor's office" room that helps us teach children that these environments are not scary and can be fun.

Constructed in the Summer of 2018, our facilities feature a large firetruck-themed playground. A huge Thank You to the High Ridge Fire Department for donating their proceeds from their Autism 5K the last two years to make this vision come to life!

Thrive Autism Solutions

St. Louis, Missouri

Thrive Autism Solutions
9374 Olive Blvd. Ste 101
St. Louis, MO 63132

Phone: 314-932-2402


Liz Kinsella
Program Director
"The Thrive team in St. Louis is truly a family, and the love that our Technicians have for their clients is amazing. I'll overhear Technicians bragging about how great their clients are between sessions, and showing them off to when they come to the clinic! In a world where so often parents worry about whether people are going to love their child enough, it's really fun to see our Technicians begging to work with kids they meet here, and nice to be able to tell a parent, ' "Everyone was asking to be on your child's team!" 
Program Director, Liz Kinsella MSW, BCBA, LBA

If you would like more information about ABA therapy in St. Louis, MO; call our office at 314-932-2402.
We would love to have you call or stop by to check out how we can help your child THRIVE!