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Thrive specializes in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorders. ABA is the only treatment for Autism endorsed by the US Surgeon General, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the National Institute of Mental Health. Fifty years of scientific research has found that consistent ABA dramatically improves a child’s higher level interactions and even increases IQ.


Thrive Autism Solutions is the first agency in the South to be CARF-accredited for its autism programs.

Why Thrive?

Thrive uses cutting edge practices to provide ABA in accordance with national standards. Thrive is one of the few ABA therapy providers that has been accredited by CARF International. At Thrive, a comprehensive treatment plan is developed to assess your child’s individual behavioral needs.

The treatment plan serves as a road map to treatment goals that are addressed in an intensive therapy program.  Thrive’s treatment plan includes in-depth parent training, treatment in multiple settings, and a team of highly trained professionals.

CASP Member

Thrive Autism Solutions is a member of CASP, an organization that acts as the voice for autism service providers across the country.

A Team You Can Trust

ABA treatment, when delivered properly by Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA), can change lives. Highly trained Behavior Technicians work 1:1 with your child, helping them to meet their individualized goals as outlined in the treatment plan created by the BCBA. Thrive is one of few agencies who holds their team members to the highest professional standards.

Thrive has a continuous training program for our Behavior Technicians that includes 40+ hours of comprehensive instruction in ABA and behavior modification, direct supervision and hands on training from BCBAs, regular performance evaluations, and continuing education opportunities.

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Accepted Insurance Providers

Insurances change from time to time and sometimes without warning. Please call our office for confirmation of current insurance acceptance or if your provider is not listed.

BlueCross BlueShield Kansas City
BlueCross BlueShield Arkansas

United Healthcare

ABA Can Change Lives

Children receiving ABA from Thrive have made significant improvements in:

  • Communication & family interaction
  • Making friends & fitting in at school
  • Reaching developmental milestones
  • Independence & daily living skills

We asked former clients about their experience:

  • One reason I chose Thrive is that you offer therapy in the clinic, in the community and at home. My son needed support in all of those locations. As I understood more about it, I found ABA therapy to be the perfect blend of improving my son’s language, social skills and play skills.SHEETAL

  • I tell the families I work with that getting ABA therapy for their children is the absolute best investment in time and money they can make, and that is due to the very positive experience we had with Thrive.DEANNA

  • From our very first visit, the staff seemed very knowledgeable & explained the science behind ABA therapy & how well kids were doing based on individualized protocols. I loved how they hand selected the behavioral therapists that worked with Brady & how they took our suggestions & opinions into consideration when changing things up. It was amazing to watch our son progress from from the start! We love Thrive and the benefits from ABA therapy!WENDY

  • The behavior health techs who entered our homes daily became a members of our family, relishing in our son’s triumphs alongside of his parents. Days were long, schedules were very intense. Our son had good days and bad. But as a team our family and Thrive Autism Solutions began to see a change in our child. … Where once we had seen a frustrated, agitated child we began to see a problem solver who took pride in his abilities.WHITNEY AND DUSTIN

  • When we first received the Spectrum diagnosis and were told to pursue ABA therapy, we were overwhelmed. After calling several agencies and still feeling lost, we contacted Thrive and immediately felt that Liz and Thrive understood us and our situation. She took the time to guide us through the insurance, evaluation and even the emotional aspects of this process! We couldn't have been happier with our decision!Davidson

  • I would always say Thrive and ABA is the best thing which has happened to my son. Thrive had helped us through all his school transitions and IEP meetings too. Most of the new strategies we are adopting now were first introduced by Thrive. We were so lucky to have the best BCBA and other technicians to work with our son…. After moving, my son and the rest of the family miss Thrive and the amazing team from Thrive!AMINU

  • Our son was able to work in a quiet one-on-one setting at the clinic, and at home the therapists were able to work with him on behaviors and interactions with his siblings. Additionally, the group environment at the clinic helped my son model group activities which helped a lot with his peer interactions at school. But, by far the best thing about Thrive, was all of our amazing ABA technicians. They were a wonderful balance of professional, friendly, firm and fun. We are so lucky to have had Thrive in our family’s life!ALISON