Fort Smith, AR

ABA Therapy in Fort Smith, AR

Thrive is very pleased to open our Ft. Smith office in 2019! After providing in-home services for Ft. Smith families for over three years, we are excited about the flexibility and clinical benefits our new clinic will provide. Our spacious facility offers therapeutic activities for children across all ages and ability levels. Our fun and engaging clinical staff are trained in teaching life-changing skills while making sure the kids have a great time! If you visit the clinic, you'll hear us getting down to the business of play. Giggles, belly laughs, and pretend adventures are the name of the game in Ft. Smith!

Thrive Autism Solutions
Fort Smith, Arkansas

Thrive Autism Solutions
5704 Euper Lane
Fort Smith, AR 72903

Phone: 479-802-4798


Jennifer Kirby
Clinical Director
“Our staff members at Thrive have built a reputation locally not only for being kind and competent, but for having a strong interest in collaboration with other professionals involved in the care of our clients. We seek to understand each child and family. This means that we should get to know those who teach and guide the children we work with outside of ABA therapy.

We are fortunate to work with a number of talented people across Northwest Arkansas. The children we serve benefit from this unified and collaborative approach. We love to discover each child’s unique and special qualities. We voice appreciation for how the children are already learning and foster growth as we begin therapy. We think we are the luckiest people on earth to be able to do this work each day.”
Clinical Director, Jennifer Kirby MS, BCBA, LBA

“It’s such a joy to see Thrive’s core values lived out in our Bentonville office every day. One of those values is to “create fun and happiness,” and getting to witness our staff creatively building fun-filled and productive relationships with each client that walks through our door is so rewarding. So many times, I hear from parents that our clients are excited to come to therapy and sad to leave, and that’s what we’re always working towards. Another of our values is to “give hope through knowledge.” Our clinical staff is passionate about using research to improve the lives of our clients and their families. With a collaborative, problem-solving approach, they support our families through all kinds of situations, providing them with hope and help navigating whatever barriers come their way. At Thrive, we have the incredible privilege of celebrating our clients each day—the many strengths they already have as well the new skills they are always mastering—while learning as much from them as they do from us.”Assistant Director, Brandon Thurman BCBA

Brandon Thurman
Assistant Director

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Call or come by anytime to ask questions or take a tour of our clinic. We want to be the team that helps your child THRIVE!