Columbia, Missouri

ABA Therapy in Columbia, MO

Thrive Autism solutions opened in Columbia, MO in May 2017 to serve children with autism. Our mission is to provide families with children with autism high quality ABA therapy in Columbia, MO and surrounding areas.

Just like your child, all of our treatment spaces are truly unique! One of the favorite spaces in our clinic is the "rainbow room" where were have bright walls and chalkboard paint along one solid wall. Our kids love to draw fun pictures there and share with peers, such a warm social activity we share each day!

Our team loves that we get to teach children in a variety of settings from our clinic, in-home, community and even outdoors! Being located near the MKT Nature and Fitness trail has given us fun opportunities to see visiting animals and provides us with a space for playing outdoor activities.

Thrive Autism Solutions
Columbia, Missouri

Thrive Autism Solutions
2620 Forum Blvd., Ste E
Columbia, MO 65203

Phone: 573-514-8735


Laura Barnes
Program Director
“When parents first come to our clinic, they see how welcoming our staff is and how excited they are to be part of the team that will help their child achieve new goals and overcome obstacles. Our staff is so motivated to help our clients learn skills that are important to them, and I believe that comes through in all that we do!”Program Director, Laura Barnes MS, BCBA, LBA

You can learn more about ABA in Columbia, MO by calling our office at 573-303-0553.
Stop by during business hours to take a tour and let us show you how we can help your child THRIVE!